"As more and more books are being self-published by entrepreneurs, business owners and experts in their fields, the vast majority of people still haven’t written and published a book – and that includes your competitors. If you create a professional-standard book and promote it well, this will separate you and your business from the other businesses in your industry. It will make you stand out as an expert and as an authority in your field, and your business will benefit accordingly."

– Michael Hanrahan Publishing

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Pipeline Design was opened in 2008 as a creative studio that offers a wide range of modern design options for the publishing industry. With over 27 years of design experience in publishing and graphic design Pipeline Design has worked with major publishing houses such as John Wiley & Sons, MacMillan Education, Pearson, Michael Hanrahan Publishing, Major Street Publishing and Five Mile Press.


Peter Reardon

Peter Reardon




Step 1: Planning

Step 2: Editing

Step 3: Design

Step 4: Proofreading and indexing

Step 5: Printing


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